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If you need a friend or someone to talk to, guide you, listen to you, shoulder to cry on or whatever you are experiencing in life right now, could it be sadness or happiness, feel free to contact Ma’am Isabel personally at 00971 50 7528573 any day from 9PM onwards, wherever you are....

We are also open for OFW-Philippine Government relationship–related issues such as having difficulty dealing with our own government being an OFW could it be in the Philippines or Phil. Embassy abroad. Feel free to write us your experiences, your problems at Samahang Pinoy Kawanggawa and we will do our best to assist you on your behalf. Or you may contact Ma’am Isabel directly at +971 50 7528573 any day from 9pm onwards.
IF YOU HAVE QUERIES, QUESTIONS OR DOUBTS, ENCOUNTERED PROBLEMS, COULD IT BE ON VISIT OR RESIDENCE VISA / BALIK MANGGAGAWA concerning your stay / employment in the UAE back to Philippines or vice versa, please don’t hesitate to contact us ANYDAY FROM 9PM ONWARDS at +971 50 7528573 and strictly look for Ma’am Isabel…. ”BE OPENED TO SEVERAL OPTIONS THAN REGRET LATER”.. wag po kayo mangamba at kayo’y aming papakinggan at gagabayan.

Individuals coming from different parts of the world and still looking forward to contact Ma’am Isabel personally at +971 50 7528573 but can’t call after 9pm due to different time zone, she will try to accommodate your calls in the day time (UAE Time) during her work hours but do apologize if she can’t attend to all your calls immediately esp. if your calling in the middle of the night at UAE time. Otherwise, you may contact her at and she will respond to your messages as soon as possible.
If you have vacancies in your company, could it be temporary, limited, or full time position, please let us know since we have so many applications in our hand wherein lots of our kababayans are laid off and hoping to get a replacement job immediately instead of going back to Philippines... Or if you need some part timers, could it be for housework, baby sitting, tutorials, office and other help for long term of employment or even for a very short period of time. PLEASE LET US KNOW THE DETAILS....We cannot accommodate everybody without your help, without everyone's help... SAMA SAMA KUNG TULUNG-TULONG PARA SA LAHAT.... - SALAMAT PO
If you have any suggestions, ideas, to support the needy / less fortunate individuals esp. fellow OFWs, could it be here in the UAE, outside UAE or even back home Philippines, would highly appreciate if we can hear your side or please do contact at +971 50 752 8573 or ….sama-sama kung magtulung-tulong tayo para sa lahat
As for your info, this is a PURE PERSONAL CHARITY ASSISTANCE and we are doing everything we can despite of heavy workload we have at work. We CANNOT combine Work and Personal At Work at the same time without discretion or else we lose our job. This is the reason why we are doing this charity work with discretion because of our current status. And this is only one of our many ways of Thanking The Lord for the Blessings He gave us...WE are and we will try all our efforts, time and even share some financial expenses not only from us and its also coming from the applicants that have been helped by our group to PROVIDE ASSISTANCE TO Our Pinoys who are in dire need esp for a job.

PLEASE beware of some groups who are trying to use us, introducing themselves that they are belong to this group and lo, they are taking YOU to some unscrupulous acts, PLEASE BEWARE....its only ISABEL AT +971 50 7528573 assigned for the JOB APPLICANTS as far as jobsearch / application is concern....



Pinoy Jobseekers in the UAE looking for job assistance, please send your CV as follows and will be sent to companies directly once your application has gone for further evaluation:
** CV attached file must be NOT MORE THAN 110 KB in size
>>Position Applied / Your Name / current visa status / current location
1. Example: Office Boy / Mario Salas / Tourist Visa / Fujairah
2. Email the CV at
>>> Jobseekers may contact Ma’am Isabel at 00971 50 7528573 any day from 9PM onwards for more job vacancy / application details
It has been said that when we do find ourselves facing trials, how we respond in the first few seconds will often determine success or failure. Following are some strategies which I have learned through my own study of the Scriptures, as well as my own personal life experiences. This list is not exhaustive, nor is it intended to be a set of "quick fix" solutions. Rather, look at it as a list of practical guidelines for learning from life's difficulties, as well as overcoming them.
• STEP 1 – FACE YOUR PROBLEMS HEAD ON. Do not try to run or hide from it. The sooner you face your problems the sooner you will be able to find solutions to your problem. Hiding from or running away from problems could make matter worse and before you know it your problem grows bigger and more difficult to solve.
• STEP 2 – BE CONFIDENT IN YOUR OWN ABILITIES. Think of ways to solve your problems. Being negative about the whole thing would only weaken your soul. You will feel emotionally drained and physically weak just by thinking about your problems alone. Build your self-confidence so that whatever curve ball life throws at you, you are prepared.
• STEP 3 – TAKE CARE OF YOUR OVERALL HEALTH. Physical, mental and spiritual health is all important. Sometimes the spirit is willing but the body could be weak. Ensure that you take good care of yourself so that whatever problems you may face you will not get sick and too tired.
• STEP 4 – STEP BACK AND SLOW DOWN TO ASSESS YOUR SITUATION. You are just taking a breather to be able to think straight. If your mind is clear, then you can think of solutions easier and faster. Take a nature walk or get a full body massage. Do yoga and Pilates to relax your muscles. A full round of golf may be able to ease up your mind and help you relax. Just do not forget to get back to face your problems right after.
• STEP 5 – IF YOU NEED TO POUR OUT YOUR EMOTIONS, GO AHEAD AND DO IT. Cry it out without shame. If you keep it sealed inside of you, it would feel like you are ready to erupt. Crying can help you release your sadness, tension, fears and emotions. Crying is a normal part of life and a normal reaction to hardships and sorrows. Remember one long good cry but do not wallow.
• STEP 6 – A LITTLE LAUGHTER CAN BRING A RAY OF HOPE INTO YOUR LIFE. Some people who are resilient are so used to just shrugging off and laughing off their worries away. When they fall down they immediately pick themselves up and continue on with life's race. You may think that after crying then you laugh that people would think you are going crazy; on the contrary, it balances your emotions and gives you a boost of confidence to laugh after a good cry.
• STEP 7 – SEEK HELP OF A PROFESSIONAL if you need help to resolve your problem.
• STEP 8 – USE YOUR NETWORK OF FRIENDS, FAMILY AND LOVED ONES TO SUPPORT YOU. Having them around to be your sounding board and to give helpful suggestions are perks of having a lot of friends and loved ones you can trust. If you are married, tackle your problems as a couple. Know that you cannot do it all alone all the time and accept help as they come with an open mind and heart.
• STEP 9 – IF YOU ARE A CHRISTIAN, HAVE FAITH IN GOD that He will guide you through your problems. You will feel much enlightenment and relief knowing that you are not alone. Furthermore, count your blessings and be grateful for what you have.

I. TAKE INVENTORY OF YOUR SPIRITUAL LIFE-Our lives are governed by spiritual dynamics. In some (although certainly not all) cases, negative circumstances stem from violating these dynamics. Ecclesiastes 10:8 tells us that "... whoso breaketh a hedge, a serpent shall bite him." Job 1:10 describes this "hedge" as a barrier of protection that God places around us. There are things which can "break the hedge" and leave you open to an attack by the enemy. This includes things like unconfessed sin (Psalms 66:18), unbelief (James 1:5-6), marital discord (1 Peter 3:7), strife and unforgiveness (James 3:16), and withholding our tithes and offerings (Malachi 3:8-10). If any of these things are present in your life, the obvious first step is to make the appropriate changes.

II. BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF-Faith is not denial, and this is an area where I feel that charismatics (and I am one) sometimes miss it. We tend to get so "confession conscious" that we hide our faces from reality. Please don't misunderstand: I firmly believe that confessing God's Word is a vital aspect of faith. However, the Apostle Paul was very frank in describing the struggles he faced in his life. He tells us openly of his bouts with weakness (2 Corinthians 12:10; cf. 2 Corinthians 2:3; 13:4, 9; 1 Corinthians 4:10) , affliction (2 Corinthians 12:10; cf. 1 Corinthians 12:9) and infirmity (2 Corinthians 12:10; cf. 1 Corinthians 12:9). He did not consider it unspiritual to acknowledge the reality of his circumstances. The difference is that he knew how to face them head on, boldly declaring that he was more than a conqueror in Christ Jesus (Romans 8:37). After all, if God was for him, who could be against him (Romans 8:31)?

III. REMEMBER, YOU WON'T ALWAYS UNDERSTAND WHY-I recently heard a well known preacher with a strong healing ministry tell about a woman who was miraculously healed of cancer after the preacher had prayed with her. However, she later became sick again and subsequently, she died. In his prayer time, the preacher asked God why this happened. God responded "That's none of your business!" When my sister died recently after a long bout with leukemia, I must admit that I asked plenty of "whys" myself.
The Book of Job gives us some good insights into this. As most of you know, Job was a righteous man who endured horrible trials, including the loss of his sons, his property and his health. As most of us would, he eventually asked God why all of this was happening. Interestingly, God never told him why. Instead, God responds with a lengthy decree which stops Job in his tracks: "Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth?" (38:4) "Have you commanded the morning?" (38:12)"Can you send out lightning?" (38:35) In the end, Job repents and as a result God does a beautiful work of restoration in his life (42:1-6, 10). Later, the New Testament records Job as an example of faith and patience during difficult times, in spite of not knowing the reasons for those difficulties (James 5:11).

IV. PRAY-This seems elementary enough, but James 5:13 says that if any be afflicted, let him pray. Notice that it says "let HIM pray." It is certainly not wrong to recruit prayer partners to stand with you during difficult times, but this cannot be an abdication of our responsibility to pray for ourselves. Also, keep in mind that prayer is not begging. It is approaching a loving God with full assurance that what He is promised, He is able to perform. Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers him out of them all (Psalm 34:19)!

V. MAINTAIN YOUR JOY- In Isaiah 64:5, we find the wonderful promise that God meets us when we rejoice in Him! The spiritual dynamic of joy is found all through the Bible. "...the joy of the Lord is your strength." (Nehemiah 8:10), " Be glad in the Lord, and rejoice..." (Psalm 32:11), "... I will rejoice in the Lord, I will joy in the God of my salvation." (Habakkuk 3:18), Unlike happiness, which is dependant on circumstances, joy is a condition of the heart that we can hold to no matter how difficult life becomes.
When King Jehoshaphat was surrounded by enemy armies (2 Chronicles 20:14-25), his response was to send singers ahead of his army to praise God (v. 21). As a result, God have his a glorious victory (v. 22). Similarly, when we face battles in our own lives, one of our key weapons is a joyful heart overflowing with God's praise. A joyful Christian cannot be defeated!

VI. DON'T TRY TO GO IT ALONE- Spiritually speaking, there is safety in numbers. There are people who allow difficulties in life to come between them and their local church, which is a horrible mistake. In the hard times, you need your spiritual family more than ever. Ephesians 4:16 describes the Church as being a body joined together, with each member supplied. Consequentially, if you are not joined to Christ's Body by being part of a local church, you will not be supplied. You will be like a severed limb, or a coal that is removed from a fire, and quickly burns out. Having trusted Christian friends to pray with you and encourage you is vital. I have used this illustration before but it bares repeating: When a lion stalks a herd of animals, the one he goes after is the one who strays from the herd. (4)

VII. BE PATIENT- Trust me, I don't like this one any more than you do. However, we are told that the trying of our faith produces patience, and consequentially, we are to let patience have "its perfect work" (James 1:3-4). It is a good idea not to make major decisions when you are in a crisis, because your emotions often cloud your ability to reason. It is important to note that patience is not passive. It does not mean simply rolling over and taking a fatalistic, "whatever will be" attitude. In Scripture, the word "patience" comes from the Greek word "hupomone" (Strong's # 5281), which means "cheerfulness, hope, endurance, constancy." As we yield to the Holy Spirit during these hard times, we will see Him develop these vital traits in our lives.

VIII. USE YOUR EXPERIENCE TO HELP OTHERS-2 Corinthians 1:4 tells us that we comfort others with the same comfort that God comforts us with. The trials you face in life give you extra credibility to help others who may be facing a similar trial.You have been there, you know how it feels and you have more compassion for those who are there now.

IX. LIVE WITH ETERNITY IN MIND-Thankfully, the Christian's hope goes much deeper than this world. For those of us who know Jesus, we are promised that the sufferings of this present time are nothing compared to the unspeakable glories that will one day be revealed in us (Romans 8:18). Even in the face of death itself, His love is even better than life (see Psalm 63:3). That is where it all begins. Nothing will bring your life into focus like a relationship with Jesus Christ. If you do not have this relationship, then you have no hope beyond this life. Why not ask Him into your heart right now?

• Always think of those who have worse luck than you. Surely there is someone out there who has worse problems than you. Think of how they face life even with their mounting problems.
• Learn from your experience.
• Don't resort to drugs and alcohol to forget your problems. They can only give temporary relief and can have devastating consequence both to your health, livelihood, and family relationships.
• Don't resort to violence.
• Don't be irrational don't think about taking your own life. If are having suicidal thoughts, seek and reach out for help! Tell someone before it is too late.

Maraming Salamat and May God Bless Us All,

Isabel Saguinsin II
Samahang Pinoy Kawanggawa
'Lingkod Handog ng mga Boluntaryong Nagkakawanggawa Para sa Kapakanan ng mga Filipino sa Buong Mundo'
United Arab Emirates
+971 50 7528573 / +63 908 5107809
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Sundays to Thursdays : From 9PM Onwards
Fridays & Saturdays : Anytime
NOTE: Job Applicants’ queries will ONLY be entertained from 9pm onwards, any day
Pork Dinuguan, Embutido, Lechon Paksiw / Kawali, Lechon baboy, Kare-kare, Relyeno, Puto, Pichi-pichi, at marami pang ibang pagkaing lutong Pinoy at panghimagas.
Palutong pagkaing Pinoy should be booked in advance; more dish catered more discount will be given. You may contact directly Ate Kusinera at +971 50 814 7016 or +971507528573 for referral by Ma’am Isabel
Mga kababayan ko!
Advertise ko lang po ang catering namin ni misis. Kung meron po kayong mga orders email lang po kayo sa:;;

Sa mga nag-o-office along Sheikh Zayed Road, from Burj Al Salam / Fairmont – to Shangrila Hotel, kung tinatamad po kayong magbaon, nagluluto po si misis ng lunch at AED10/- lang per pack (isang ulam at kanin) tapos merong mga kakanin din, i.e. empanada, kutsinta, pichi, puto, etc. Kung gusto ninyong ma-isama sa circulation, reply lang po kayo sa email na ‘to. Thanks, Gary
Description Qty Price
Kutsinta 50 40.00
Puto 50 60.00
Empanada - (small) 50 75.00
Empanada - (Big) 50 100.00
Palitaw 50 100.00
Pichi-Pichi 50 60.00
Sapin-Sapin AED 60 per order
Palabok 10 persons 95.00
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Pancit Bihon 65.00
Pancit Canton 75.00
FRESH PORK – pork belly, pork chop, pata, pork tongue, pork giniling, etc. FREE DELIVERY
Libre delivery*** / door-to-door, minimum a kilo per order at AED25.00 only
Delivery every Friday late afternoon only (once in a week) fresh from Brazil to Abu Dhabi market; orders can be given latest Friday morning
You may contact directly Manong magbababoy +971 50 3181130 or +971507528573 for referral by Isabel
*** For Abu Dhabi residents only for now; not available COOKED pork dish such as lechon kawali, embutido, etc.
Looking for a RELIABLE AUTO GARAGE, for car repair, polishing, car damage, and any auto mechanical / electrical works, please contact Robert or Lancy at c/o 00971 50 7528573 as referred by Ma’am Isabel
Looking for a RELIABLE PINOY CAR MECHANIC, please contact Manong Mekaniko at +971 50 9268791 or / +971 50 7528573 as referred by Ma’am Isabel
- does home service; available during weekend and after 4pm onwards during weekdays
Looking / Wants to service your PC / Laptop / troubleshooting / any PC-related repair at a very minimal charge with a trusted Kababayang manggagawa: Please contact Kuya Joel at +971 56 6924379 (any day after 6pm onwards) for Abu Dhabi home service appointment / +971 50 7528573 for referral by Isabel
The best form of defence is attack, and that's what you need to do to make sure your CV is a targeted weapon. That means no mistakes. Here's a checklist to run through.
1. Typos, bad English A recruiter is looking for an excuse not to consider your application, and bad grammar and typos gives him an excuse to put your application in the special file marked the bin. A badly written CV shows you are disinterested or that you just can't spell. Either way, it's fatal. Check it yourself, and get someone else to go over your CV - it is easy to miss mistakes in your own copy.

2. Just the facts Have you provided relevant contact details - have you entered the right numbers?

3. Don't be passive Can you shake things up, can you solve problems, will you walk into your job running? If you can - great - you're what your employee is looking for. The question is: have you communicated this with your CV?
To do so you need to drop the passive verbs, and use active ones. For example:
Don't write: Managed a team of sales professionals for 18 months
Do write: Built a highly organised sales team. Led it to record sales in three straight quarters.
Use: built, won, drove, inspired, sold. Don't use I.

4. Don't be vague Your employer wants to be impressed, and to see that you know your business. Details help. State what you have achieved, with action verbs, and use numbers where possible.

5. Customisation counts One size does not fill all. A senior post in particular demands that you understand the position, and that you tailor your achievements to that job in your CV. Read the job specification carefully. Look for key words in the text the reveal the kind of personality being looked for, and what the employer expects the right candidate to be able to deliver.

6. Don't be dull No one wants to know your duties (I attended the weekly sales meetings); they want to hear your achievements (Used leads from the weekly board meetings to add ten active clients to my roster).

7. Don't be flabby Tell your story - but don't make your CV too long, or cut it down so much it says nothing at all.

8. Mission statements If you are going to write a mission statement avoid MBA style buzzwords, and generic meaningless phrases. Be clear and precise as to what you are looking for. Who isn't a "Team player", who would claim not to have "Project management skills"; if you're not "Results orientated" - you have problems; "People management skills" is a pre-requisite, not a clincher.

9. Design Make your CV pleasing to the eye. How your CV is presented tells a story about you. Are you visually aware, do you care enough about the job to present the information well? Your CV is sending signals to your employer. Make sure they are the right ones.

10. Don't put it off If you see a job you're interested in, don't delay putting together the application - do it the same day and send it the same day. Thousands of jobs have been lost because the applicant never got round to sending in his CV...

Senior executives and human resources professionals from Daimler Chrysler, UniLever, Exxon Mobil, Philips, Sofitel, Nile Hilton, America-MidEast Educational and Training Services, Inc. (AMIDEAST), Middle East Research & Consultancy (MERAC), Look Information Technology, and Cadbury give job seekers exclusive advice on career choices and job searching

Mr. Ahmed Farid, Human Resources Manager of Philips Egypt
Advice for the job seeker: Study companies and gather information about them to prepare for interviews.
Be honest with yourself before being honest with your future employer. Is this job suitable for you - are you suitable for the job?
It is not only excellence in a specialization that companies look for, but a well-rounded personality with general knowledge and capability in many areas, combined with a good attitude and personality.
Basic competencies required by most multinational companies are good analytical skills, communication skills, and leadership skills

Mr. Ravi Miglani, Managing Director of Middle East Research Consultancy (MERAC)
Advice for the job seeker: Be objective and honest about your strengths and weaknesses. "No one is looking for super-humans. What is important is that [your] strengths and weaknesses match the required job," says Miglani.

Mr. Sherif El-Ebrashy, Human Resources Manager, ExxonMobil
Advice for the job seeker: Exxon Mobil prefers to escalate employees to managerial levels and fill in the junior level positions. "We do not hire managers," says Mr. El-Ebrashy.

Mr. Galal Hamdy, Human Resources Manager, Nile Hilton
Advice for the job seeker: Being in the service industry, the hotel business requires candidates with a willingness to help and serve others, combined with a pleasant, hospitable, and presentable manner. As Mr. Hamdy states, it is about "responding to a guest's needs, being attentive, and being pro-active."

Mr. Ahmed El Meligui, Sales Manager, Hotel Sofitel, Cairo Maadi Towers and Casino
Advice for the job seeker: To work in the hotel industry, "The whole package from personality to attitude to looks is very important because (the employee) is an ambassador of our product outside," says Mr. El Meligui. People working in the hospitality industry need to be decent and presentable both in terms of dress and in terms of attitude.What is required to succeed in this field, says Meligui, is "a love for the hospitality industry."

Ms. Sohair Saad, Director of Educational Resources Center, AMIDEAST
Advice for the job seeker: AMIDEAST, or America-MidEast Educational and Training Services, Inc., is a service-oriented non-profit organization. Skills at interaction are especially important in the service industry. "Interpersonal skills are very, very important for us," says Saad. AMIDEAST, being an educational resource center that promotes cultural understanding between America and Middle East through education and training, requires an understanding or experience of U.S. education.

Mrs. Hanan Salib, Assistant Human Resources Manager, UniLever Egypt
Advice for the job seeker: Unlike the requirements of the service industry, companies like UniLever prefer candidates with an aggressive attitude towards work. UniLever looks out for people who are confident decision-makers, says Mrs. Salib. UniLever often sponsors further education for its employees, and therefore some people take part-time courses toward a Master's degree in Business Administration while employed. An MBA is considered a valuable asset by most companies.

Mr. Osama Abou Mousallem, Information Technology Manager, Cadbury
Qualities of the ideal candidate: Experience in a given field might sometimes compensate for education in the area, e.g. an accounting major can still become a Human Resources Manager if he has the right experience (having sufficient experience in dealing with employees, counseling them, working with teams etc...).
"Multicultural experience is important" in a multinational where you need to understand many different points of view.

Mr. Hazim Sakr, Human Resources Manager, Daimler Chrysler
Advice for the job seeker: Some previous work experience, be it an internship or part-time job, is considered evidence of initiative in the field of self-development.
People should be able to deal with pressures and adapt to different situations, to be able to change priorities.
The wrong attitude in people is a drawback, says Sakr, for any organization "needs people who will help add value to them and to the group".
The people in any organization need to "know how to tolerate and communicate with each other, and work together as a group" so that with their combined "synergy" they can to achieve results.
Skills in communication, teamwork, and interaction are very important, says Sakr.

Miss Lisa Nelson, Director of Operations, International Business Associates Media
Advice for the job seekers: Journalism requires an outgoing personality.
Responsibility and commitment are central to work in journalism, since "gathering information, tracking people…following up til you accomplish your task" are fundamentals of working for magazines like Egypt Today and PC World.
There are different requirements for the many different jobs in the media:
Designers have to be able to work on Macintosh systems, and have familiarity with QuarkXpress.Writers need to be bilingual (English and Arabic), and have good writing and word processing skills. Editors must have previous experience in journalism, or a degree in journalism. Goals are also another important indicator of the match between the company and its employees. Nelson states, "We want to know what [the candidate's] real career path and interests are so we can help them be satisfied on the job, and they can be the most productive for the magazine."
IBA runs publications like Egypt Today and PC World; Miss Nelson finds that both the employees and the company benefit from clear and articulate goals.
Egypt Today requires examples of previous published work to credit one's talent.

Mr. Abou Bakr Zade, Chief Executive Officer, Look Information Technology
Advice for the job seeker: Look I.T. looks for people striving for growth and excellence. Mr. Zade, says he looks for "People with a vision." They share their successes and their resources. They have a library where the employees contribute books to Look I.T. which proudly calls itself a "learning organization."
During the early interview stages, candidates are expected to demonstrate their work.
Flexibility to changes is very important in a dynamic field like Information Technology.
Candidates need not have direct work experience, for Look I.T. provides training to motivated individuals with good potential. Thus, they might employ a good artist and provide training for a graphic designer's job.
Salary should not be a major priority, says Mr. Abou Bakr Zade of Look I.T. Zade does not employ people looking for a huge number on their paycheck. He prefers people who are willing to work hard. They usually get a lower salary, and get frequent bonuses instead.
Education is not a major issue in Look I.T. says Zade. What is more important is the initiative and the skills which can be gained. One web developer who now works in Look I.T. does not have a high school education, but learned how to use computers through his own drive to achieve. Look I.T. looks at the overall performance and the school background rather than the university background, says Zade. Mr. Zade expresses that experience is not as important for him. What is important is "how you can revolutionize" Look I.T. as an employee.
Look I.T. is a place which fosters vision for the I.T. business and those that believe they can achieve their vision

Of primary importance in the interview is the way you carry yourself and the overall attitude you portray. It is not enough to have the skills that the company requires, you must also have the general disposition and spirit which they are looking for in potential employees. Personal appearance is also critical, especially if you are applying for positions in the service industry, in which employees are regarded as representing the company by the way they dress and behave. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind concerning your attitude and appearance during interviews:

Always show that you have enthusiasm for the job, the opportunity and the company.
Positive actions are very important; smile and have good eye contact.
Show that you are excited and interested in the position available.
Conclude the interview by thanking the interviewer for the opportunity to be able to work with them.
Don’t answer too many questions with a simple yes or no. Always explain your answers, limit your answers to two minutes, and don’t go on forever.
If you are not sure about a question, restate the question in order to avoid any confusion.
Never use slang language during an interview.
Have a strong and confident handshake. Avoid using negative words or phrases.

Personal Appearance
The first impression is the most important.
Be well groomed and look sharp. Dress appropriately.
Do not chew gum or smoke during an interview. Always have your shoes polished.
St. Joseph Church is currently looking for summer camp volunteers (from registration to actual summer camp activities) who are willing to provide some of your spare time with kids. Interested volunteers / individuals please don’t hesitate to approach personally Fr. Troy at the Parish Priest Office or any other priests at the parish priest office.

Your help / ideas / participation for this year’s summer camp will be a God's blessing, not only for you but also for others.

St. Joseph Church Abu Dhabi will be having 2010 Summer Camp for our Catholic Parishioners. esp. for the youths / kids, that will start on the first week of July 2010. 2010 Summer Camp Registration is open to all Christian youths / kids of various nationalities and will start on 18 June 2010.

maraming salamat po,

Isabel Saguinsin II
Samahang Pinoy Kawanggawa
'Lingkod Handog ng mga Boluntaryong Nagkakawanggawa Para sa Kapakanan ng mga Filipino sa Buong Mundo'
United Arab Emirates
+971 50 7528573 / +63 908 5107809
Email Address: Pinoy Kawanggawa
Sundays to Thursdays : From 9PM Onwards
Fridays & Saturdays : Anytime
HOLY LAND PILGRIMAGE (11 Sep to 16 Sep 2010)
This is a great opportunity for you to visit several places where historical events from the Bible took place.
A good friend of mine who owns a travel agency 'COMPASS TRAVEL' and who deals with tours to the HOLY LAND, is planning a pilgrimage as per the itinerary below :

Day 01 – Arrival Queen Alia Int’l Airport – Madaba - Mount Nebo –Kings' Highway – Jordan Valley –Jericho –The Sycmore Tree - Dead Sea - Jerusalem.
Day 02 – The Church of Nativity - Shepherds field - Ein Karem the town of St. John – Lazarus Tomb in Bethany - Temple Institute - Davids Tomb - Jerusalem
Day 03 – Mount Zion - Cenacle - Dormition Abbey - The Church of St. Peter in Gallicantu - Temple Mount - Dome of the Rock - Western Wall - Church of St. Anne - pool of Bethesda - Ecce Homo. Via Dolorosa - Church Holy Sepulchre - Calvary – The Chapel of St. Helena - Arab Market – Damascus Gate - Jerusalem
Day 04 – The Mount of Olives - Ascension of Jesus to Heaven - Pater Noster -The Palm Sunday road - Dominus Flevit - Church of all Nations - Garden of Gethsemane - Grotto of the Betrayal of Jesus - The Tomb of Virgin Mary. Haifa, - Monastery of Stella Maris -The Church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel - Bahai Garden -Caesarea - Proceed to Nazareth - Tiberias
Day 05 – Basilica of the Annunciation - St. Joseph’s Church - St. Mary’s Well - Kafr Kanna (Cana) Proceed to Galilee - Boat ride in the Sea of Galilee - Lunch at Peters Fish Restaurant - Mount of the Beatitudes. Tabgha Church of multiplication - the Church of St. Peter – Capernaum town of Jesus - Tiberias
Day 06 – Proceed to Dead Sea - short time for swimming - Sheikh Hussein Bridge –Queen Alia International Airport, Amman and departure to Dubai.
PS: Mass will be conducted in respective churches if the time permits
AED 3975/PP

Per person in Double/Triple sharing basis AED. 3975/-
Single supplement to be in a separate room + AED. 900/-
Child 7-11 yrs accompanying parents + extra bed AED. 2980/-
Child age 3-6 years sharing with parents AED. 2390/-
Infants accompanying parents (below 2 years) AED. 1250/-
Exit tax by Allen by Bridge (Approx Dep Tax US $ 48/pp) which will be paid at exit border must be sent to us to avoid delay at counter
PACKAGE COST only (Ticket can be purchased outside Dubai)
Please advise if you wish Compass to book your airfare
Per person in Double/Triple sharing basis AED. 2575/-
Single supplement to be in a separate room + AED. 900/-
Child 7-11 yrs accompanying parents + extra bed AED. 1980/-
Child age 3-6 years sharing with parents AED. 1390/-
Infants accompanying parents (below 2 years) AED. 900/-
Exit tax by Allen by Bridge (Approx Dep Tax US$ 48/pp) which will be paid at exit counter must be sent to us to avoid delay.

Above Price is inclusive of Economy Airfare, meals (B, L, D), Visa Jordan, (multiple) & HL, All Entrance fees - with 3*/4* hotel. All Taxes (Airline), Tips to Guide & Driver, Normal drinking water will be served in all meals (Except in Jordan); * Border Exit Tax USD 48/- pp to be paid extra

Another good news is that I will be making this HOLY LAND PILGRIMAGE TOO along with you all. The travel dates that are chosen fall on the Eid Holidays from 11 Sep to 16 Sep 2010, leaving early morning on Saturday 6am and returning on Thursday late night.
All payment terms are flexible in installment basis (all installments must be done prior to traveling, hence, the information is given three months in advance). People from any part of the world can join on this pilgrimage as we are catering to all. Meeting point will be either the airport in Dubai or Jordan (People coming from outside Dubai the rate will be different).

Whoever wishes to join in please write to Lissy Donald at
with subject HOLY LAND PILGRIMAGE OR to me at my email address at

You may also send your queries, request c/o Ma’am Isabel at and we will response to you as soon as possible.

Also we are trying our best to take along with us a PRIEST, so will do my best to get a priest to guide us through the pilgrimage. Thanks and see you all on this LIFE TIME PILGRIMAGE...

Warm regards, Cynthia
want to be an Ambassador of Christ?
want to be part of d' YES Band? (guitarists, keyboardist, windplayer, drummer etc)
want to sing praises during Youth Fellowships and English/Filipino Holy Mass? (YES Worshippers/Choir)
want to be part of YES Outreach for our less fortunate kababayans in POLO-OWWA?
want to dance for HIM? (thru modern,tambourine,interpretative dance,musical)
then email us at
contact: bro. ralph (YES Ministry Head) 050 421 9039 / bro. bob 050 5355 184
BE ONE! for young, young adults, youth leaders & singles of ages 18-35
for info VISIT us @
facebook :!/pages/Dubai/Youth-of-El-Shaddai-Dubai/177630927858?ref=ts
friendster :
youtube : search youth of el shaddai dubai
~ Bro. Arman
INVITATION: Independence Day Celebration, Friday June 18 2010 @ Al Nasr Leisureland, Dubai‏
We would like to invite everybody for the Post Independence Day Celebration sponsored by FILCOM this coming Friday (June 18, 2010) @ Al Nasr Leisureland, Dubai from 10AM-10PM. You get to watch different Cultural Presentations and a chance to see our local artist/comedian ARNEL IGNACIO performs live on stage. See different Pinoy Bazaar and products on sale…

We would like to take this opportunity to personally invite you, your family and friends to visit our stand there and explore different condo properties in the Philippines by SM Development Corp. (SMDC) and a New Revolutionary Product - Lovemoon by WINALITE (Anion). Watch our FREE product demo, freebies giveaway and a chance to win lots of prizes for our valued customers.
Kindly pass this message to everyone. Hope to see you ALL there!
“Tangkilikin ang sariling atin… Mabuhay ang Pilipino! Mabuhay Tayong Lahat.”
Thank you!
SM – Middle East Senior Property Consultant / ANION Authorized Distributor
Mobile: (+97150) 2796920 / Email:
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Dubai Toll Free No.: 8000-6300023 / US Toll Free No.: 1-866-978-7650 / 1-866-978-8020 / UK Toll Free No.: 0-8000-971700 / 0-8000-970875
SM Properties:
Chateau Elysee – Bicutan, Paranaque / Mezza Residences - Sta. Mesa, Manila / Berkeley Residences – Katipunan, Q.C. /
Field Residences – Sucat, Paranaque / Grass Residences – North Edsa, Q.C. / Jazz Residences – Jupiter St., Makati City / Light Residences – Edsa-Boni, Mandaluyong / Sea Residences – Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City / Sun Residences – Welcome Rotonda, Manila / Princeton Residences – LRT2 Gilmore Station, Mandaluyong / Hamilo Coast - Nasugbu, Batangas / Wind Residences – Tagaytay / Blue Residences – Katipunan, Q.C. (new project)***/
My Place – Mother Ignacia, Q.C.(new project)***
If you are interested to buy these products please call me at 0502441961 or email me or Michelle at 0502769587.
Prices are - BRA 3 for 100DHS; ONE BRA FOR 35DHS and ONE PAIR (PANTY & BRA) for 55dhs.
Mentioned your sizes and we will order. Last day of receiving order will be on June 25, 2010.
Please note that the items will be delivered on July 2010.
Order now!!!! GRAB it NOW… Limited offer only....
Thank you.
Loidalyn Sanchez Imbang
Dubai, UAE
Spacious room with attached bath & kitchen facilities available for a couple or Spinster in Karama near Sindh Panjab Resturant. to view the place pls. contact 0555256790 or 0506982443
Bur Dubai - (Off Bank street opp Oasis Court Hotel) fully furnished room with attached bath & all facilities C.A/C Gym,swimming pool in a new building for 1 exec lady to share with another in a 1BHK apt AED 1600 excluding of W/E Call 050-8037427 or 050-4504819
I have one Room Available in Karama from August 1st, 2010. The rent is AED 2500/- + DEWA
There is sharing accomodation in Sharjah opp Rotana Hotel to share with a catholic family,one furnished room for 1 or 2 excecutive bachelors ,single lady,or couple.Rent is 050 558 97 07.
I am looking for 2 ladies for sharing accommodation available from 1st July in Bur Dubai OPC area (close to metro station), with separate bathroom and Kitchen facility. For further details call:Connie 0556764353 or Maria 0558157610
A Furnished room for single or 2 Excecutive bachelors with bed,cupboard,A/c available in Sharjah Rolla Opp Rotana Hotel to share with a Catholic Family.Rent around 1100/-for the room.Contact 050 558 97 07.
Fully furnished master bedroom with seperate bathroom available for married couples/family in OPC area Bur Dubai behind Apsara supermarket to share with others. .It would be of great help if you could post this advertisement on your website.Contact no:050-8865981/04-3961363.
one bedroom apt, sharing bedroom either for executive ladies,2 in a room.or a couple, central ac. bedroom with balcony, muhaisnah, behind lulu village, block 3. please contact, 050-1551417.tks,
Spacious room with attached bath available for a couple or executive bathelor in Karama near Sindh Panjab Resturant. to view the place pls. contact 0555256790 or 0506982443
"Semi-furnished room including bathroom, kitchen & internet facilities available immediately, for a single bachelor to be shared with another at Bur Dubai behind Jumbo S/R & Al-Khaleej Centre, Rent AED.1,000/- pm (including DEWA + Cleaner charges only). Internet & Cooking Gas charges additional. Contact: 050-5786321."
Sharing room available for 2 ladies with kitchen facility in Karama, near manama supermarket, please call after 6.30 0501498406 for more detail. (1000/- each + dewa)
Looking for family/executive ladies to share my apartment near EPPCO after sahara
centre, close to dubai. Please call 050 3877089.
PLEASE CONTACT 050-4655325
Karama, Prime location, fully furnished, clean and well maintained room near Karama shopping center for a lady to share with another. Bus stop below the building. Five minutes walk to the Metro. Two 24/7 supermarkets. Walking distance to Burjuman shopping mall, Lulu Garden, Karama shopping Center. 5 minutes walking distance to a whole line of restaurants. Call Dubai 050 3788211.
Master Bedroom with attached bath and kitchen facilities and a garden area to share in a Villa (Al Quoz, Dubai) behind Oasis Centre for a working couple or two Executive ladies. Rent AED 3000 per month including W+E . Easy access to people working on Shk. Zayed Road and Jebel Ali. Please contact 050 8657380 or email –
Furnished room available near Golden Sands-1 with kitchen and internet facility for 2 ladies to share with another - Rent 1100/- all inclusive. Call : 050 4761576
Looking for accommodation in Bur Dubai/ Deira/Karama/Al nahda sharing / bed space for 1 lady
please mail on
Fully furnished master bedroom available for working ladies/spinster in OPC area Bur Dubai behind Apsara supermarket to share with others. Rent AED 1100 inclusive Dewa. Contact no:050-8865981/04-3961363.
Excellent condition Black Peugoet 307CC, 2004 model, 107000Kms, Lady driven, Coupe Convertible beautiful car fully loaded, Serviced only at the dealer. It's a coupe but 4 people can sit in the car. New tyres and the car is in great condition. Owner relocating so looking for fast sale. Price only Dhs 31999/- AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY!! Located in the Marina. Only cash and serious buyers kindly call 050-9200196
Available for viewing anytime - call now!!!
Model: Yaris / Body: Hatchback / Colour: White / Year: 2006 / Mileage: 47,300 kms
Features: Fully Automatic,Remote locking,Full Options, A/C, Central Lock, First Hand, Power Steering, Power Windows, Service History with Al Futtaim,single user,lady driven; Service Contract with Al Futtaim for 75,ooo kms ( worth AED 2400 included in the price). Price: Dhs 25000; If you are interested please call me on 050 - 115 2 104 OR 050 475 91 64 or 04 352 66 26
Cheverlet Optra, H-Back, 2004 Model, 89000 KM, Lady Driven, No accident, White color, full option with 5 CD changer, very speciouse inside with fully automatic gear. Car has been always parked in a covered parking. Price 25000/- Dhs. shiva baghayee
Toyota Corolla urgently. specs: 1999, 1.3L, fully manual, maroon in color, accident free, scratches cleared, in good condition, call after 4 pm on number 0566834328
Toyota Corolla - 1.8 - 2007 model- BLACK ,Fully automatic,in good condition,lady driven, agency maintained. Contact : 050-5707867.
Ïnfiniti FX35 lady driven 2009 model car for sale. Black colour, 20500kms, 6 cylinder, Keyless Entry, Sunroof, Leather Cooled Seats, Alarm/Anti-Theft System, Fog Lights, Spoiler, Parking Sensors, All Wheel Drive, Power Steering Automatic Transmission Contact 050 6533926
Hyundai Getz, 2006 model, 52,000 kms. done, lady driven, company maintained. Asking price: Dhs. 20,000/-. Contact after 7pm: 050-5494127.
Looking for high profile candidates with excellent skills and highly dependable. Employer is ready to pay more than the current market rate/ salary for the domestic helper cum personal assistant provided the following qualities will be maintained:
DOMESTIC HELPER/PERSONAL ASSISTANT – must be in the UAE; Graduate / high school; Age : 26-36; English : Perfect in communication , writing, speaking and reading; having background in using computer; Quick learner, Self initiative, Dependable, Very well organized & accurate, Mastering the housekeeping , office cleaning and dealing with VIP person, Ability to support by arranging the house, laundry, schedules, house requirements to be at the best; Presentable; Hard working; Background about CPR (First Aid); Healthy food background (not cooking but aware of the components); must be willing to travel in and out of the country with the employer if required, as the suitable candidate will be working with the GM of the company.
Sponsorship: will be on company visa (visit:; Salary: will be AED 1800-2600, depends on the profile, skills, experience and competencies; Contract: two years renewable; Accommodation: Provided; Medical Insurance: Provided; Vacation: 45 days / 2year; Bonus: One month bonus for every single contracting year
Only candidates against the above criteria will be considered. Send CV
ADMIN ASSISTANT – must be in the UAE; Graduate : Business Administration, IT, Engineering, Finance and other related fields, MBA will be A+ ; 3-7 or fresh graduates with exceptional academic record and reputable institute; Result oriented, achiever, active team member, self-initiated, work-pressures oriented; Mastering IT skills and professional communicator; Previous experience in the fields of management consultancies and training will be plus, Expert user of ( Word, PP, Excel & Outlook & other management soft ware applications) ; Hard working and ready to work for long working hours if needed; Creative and very quick learner. Excellent in follow up projects and tasks; Bilingual (Arabic/English). Work venue : Abu Dhabi - UAE .
1. Reporting to : CMI MENA General Manager
2. Salary details:-
3. Basic Salary : Not less than AED7500, subject to change based on the candidate’s profile
4. Medical insurance : Provided
5. Working days : 6 days a week ( Saturday-Thursday)
6. Working hours : 08:00 to 06:00
7. Air ticket : One annual round ticket
8. vacation : 30 days paid leave /year
9. Contract duration: One year renewable
10. End of service : One month for each working year.
11. Preference will be for Abu Dhabi based candidates with residence visas on their families.
Only candidates meeting the above criteria will be welcomed. Send CV directly at (Email Subject: Admin Asst - referred by Madam Irish)
Best Regards
Dr.Emad Eddien Hussein, GM MENA & Senior Advisor
Mobile: + 971 50 266 4646 / Tel: + 971 2 448 87 01
P.O. Box: 106754, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.
Email: / Website:
COLENT MARKETING PHILS. INC. – DEL MONTE MANSION #210 SPEAKER PEREZ STREET, QUEZON CITY; TEL# 749-3930 / 448-7674 / 413-9503 GLOBE: 0917-5082674 SUN: 0922-8897507;
EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT (Quezon City) / URGENT – Female, candidates must be a graduate of any four-year course preferably with background in Accounting, Business Management; Must have good command of English language both verbal and written; Can prepare/compose correspondence, organized and systematic; Computer literate with positive work attitude; Knowledge in ISO documentation a plus factor; Must be willing to work in Novaliches, Quezon City
GENERAL METAL CONTAINER CORPORATION OF THE PHILIPPINES - 62 Gen Luis St., Capri, Novaliches, Quezon City; Trunk Line 936-14-95 / Fax No 938-09-46 / 936-68-93
Email / Website
HR/ADMIN SUPERVISOR (QUEZON CITY) – Graduate of BS Psychology, Behavioral Science, Business Administration; At least 5 years working experience in the related field is required for this position; Can supervise and manage a department; Proficient in formulating salary structure and writing job descriptions; With extensive background in psychological testing; Analytical and team player; Knowledgeable in payroll processing and procedure; Can communicate effectively – verbally and in writing
UNITED ASIA AUTOMOTIVE GROUP INC. Company Address: 707 A. Bonifacio Ave., Balintawak, Quezon City; email resume at:
MECHANIC (NATIONAL CAPITAL REG) – Candidate must possess at least a Vocational Diploma / Short Course Certificate, Bachelor's/College Degree , Engineering (Others) or equivalent; Required language(s): English, Filipino; At least 1 year(s) of working experience in the related field is required for this position; Preferably 1-4 Yrs Experienced Employees specializing in Engineering - Mechanical/Automotive or equivalent
Kindly bring your credentials like certifications from TESDA, Certifications from previous employment (if applicable), Diploma, NBI, Brgy Clearance, 2 x 2 pictures, and resume when applying personal.
Contact MENDOZA CHAVEZ ASSOCIATES, CPA'S at 02 455-1295 / 407-4456 look for Ms. Anna
DELIVERY DRIVER (PAMPANGA) (CENTRAL LUZON - ANGELES CITY) – With at least a High School Diploma/Vocational Diploma/Short Course Certificate or 2nd year in College; Preferably with experience in driving closed vans; Not more than 32 years old; Should know Basic Vehicle Troubleshooting; With professional driver’s license (RC 123); Must be familiar with Luzon routes, permanent resident or willing to be assigned in Pampanga; Follow the routes assigned by the Logistics officer; Coordinate and work with team members in providing the needs and wants of the customers; Maintain good customer relationship at all times; Coordinate daily transactions with the logistics coordinator and officer; Maintain delivery tools and equipment; Perform other tasks as assigned by your direct report from time to time
AV DISTRIBUTION INC. is a Pampanga-based company which provides logistics services to Central Luzon clients. Interested applicants may send their resume directly to
OBAYASHI GUAM is in process of MANPOWER POOLING thru EDI-STAFFBUILDERS for its GUAM (U.S.A.) 5-year projects starting January 2011 to 2015.
EDI-STAFFBUILDERS is the only authorized recruitment agent of OBAYASHI in the Philippines .
Interested applicant must e-mail RESUME in MS Word with scan photo to:
Applicant must indicate this in subject of e-mail: Name Surname – Position Applied – Obayashi Guam
Tentative schedules of Final Interviews on October to December 2010 at EDI-Staffbuilders’ Office.
Tentative mobilization of hired workers starts on January 2011.
No Placement Fee. No Visa Processing Fee. No Salary Deduction. No Application Fee.
To be shortlisted for Final Interview, applicant must submit the following documents – please deliver in person, or by LBC courier, or e-mail scanned copies:
APPLICANTS must submit 1-set photocopies, or 1 pc. CD with below listed saved softcopies, or scanned copies by e-mail of the following:
1. RESUME with 2X2 or passport size color photo (scan or pasted). RESUME last page must have specimen signature (signed or scan).
2. PASSPORT: valid for at least 1 year from January 2011, or valid at least up to February 2012 or more.
3. EDUCATION CERTIFICATE of highest education (Diploma or Transcript). DFA authenticated or with red ribbon.
4. EXPERIENCES CERTIFICATE (Employment Certificate or Company ID or Employment Contract or Job Offer Letter or OEC Certificate)
5. COMPETENCY CERTIFICATE (Seminars or Trainings related to position applied)
6. TRADE TEST CERTIFICATE for Skilled Workers (if available) and/or PRC LICENSE CERTIFICATE for Engineers (if available)
7. PROFESSIONAL DRIVER’S LICENSE and/or OPERATOR’S LICENSE (if applicable to position applied)
8. NBI CLEARANCE for Abroad, issued in 2010
9. NSO Birth Certificate, issued in 2010
10. SALARY OFFER: Copy of Latest or Previous Employment Contract, Appointment Letter, and/or Payslip showing Monthly Salary
Hiring All kinds of Jobs – Construction, Operation and Maintenance: Managers / Supervisors, Engineers / Professionals, Offices/Facilities, Personnel, Technical / Skilled Workers, and Construction Laborers, males and females, no age limit as long as physically fit and will pass medical (US standard).
List of Guam Projects include: barracks, dormitories, administrative facilities, communication facilities, educational facilities, medical facilities, dining facilities, recreational facilities, retail facilities, industrial facilities, warehouse facilities, ranges, operational training facilities, roads, streets, bridges, site utilities, power plants, infrastructure, waterfront-marine facilities, piers, wharves, dredging, aviation facilities including hangars, runways and aprons, and other base development facilities.
Obayashi Guam will give special preference to candidates with previous/present work experiences in Japanese engineering companies such as Obayashi, Chiyoda, JGC, etc.
Thanks and Regards, Victoriano (Vic) J. Santos - Supervising Consultant – Recruitment Services Group
EDI-STAFFBUILDERS INTERNATIONAL, INC. - Unit 704 Corporate Center, 139 Valero Street , Salcedo Village , Makati City , Philippines 1227; Office: +63.2 812.6706 loc. 12 or 13; Mobile : +63.917.863.5842 (Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM); Email:; Website:
COLLECTION ASSOCIATES FOR STA. ROSA, LAGUNA – Who at least completed 2 years of college; Excellent communication skills in English; familiar with basic computer operations; Has an ability to handle irate customer situations effectively and empathize with customer with a courteous voice tone, to deliver information at customer's knowledge level in an understandable manner, ability to apply a logical problem solving approach to resolving customer problems and inquiries, strong interpersonal skills and ability to think independently and follow through effectively; dependable, keen on details and have strong customer service orientation
We are looking for candidates amenable to graveyard shifts, shifting/rotation of schedules, working on holidays, working on weekends and rendering overtime; Applicants should be Filipino citizens or hold relevant residence status.
Convergys Philippines Services Corporation - Recruitment Office located at: One Evotech building, Lakeside Evozone IT Park, Sta Rosa, Laguna; Company Address: Convergys 1 Building 6796 Ayala Ave. cor. Salcedo St. Legaspi Village Makati City 1200
NOW HIRING CUSTOMER SERVICE ASSOCIATES! - ORTIGAS / SAN LAZARO / MAKATI – Customer Service Associates responsibilities includes but not limited to: account status, Disputes, Balance Transfers, Rates, Lost/stolen/fraud closures, Card product information, Cash advances/checks, Payments, General account maintenance, sales
• We are looking for candidates who has completed at least 2 years of college or its equivalent; Has a strong command of the English language; good communication skills; proficient in basic computer operations; Banking experience is an advantage
• Must be amenable to graveyard shifts, shifting/rotation of schedules, working on holidays, working on weekends and rendering overtime
• Candidates must be persuasive and willing to sell; Must possess superior listening skills; Must have an ability to deliver information at customer’s knowledge level in an understandable manner; Candidates must have excellent communication skills including a confident and courteous voice tone, an ability to handle irate customer situations effectively and empathize with customer; Must have an ability to apply a logical problem solving approach to resolving customer problems and inquiries; Strong interpersonal skills and ability to think independently and follow through effectively
• Must be willing to start asap and work in Ortigas.
Visit our CONVERGYS ORTIGAS - Recruitment Office located at: 29th flr., Robinsons Equitable Tower, ADB Ave., Ortigas Center, Pasig City(Located behind Robinsons Galleria)
Visit out CONVERGYS SAN LAZARO - Recruitment Office located at: 7F Vertex One building, IT Park San Lazaro Tourism & Business Park, Yuseco corner Felix Huertas streeet, San Lazaro Tayuman , Manila
Visit our Glorietta 5 Recruitment Office located at: 4F Glorietta 5 building, Ayala avenue, Makati City (entrance fronting Inter-Continental Hotel); open from Mondays thru Fridays at 9:00 am until 6:00pm.
OFFICE SECRETARY, FOR National Capital Reg – Applicant must be a graduate of any 4-year Business related course; Female between 23-30 years old; must have at least one (1) year work related experience; Possess good communication skills both in oral and written; Full-Time positions available.
Interested applicants are requested to apply in person or send comprehensive resume with recent photo and transcript of records to: Human Resources & Admin Department, G & S Transport Corporation, 2/F Guevent Bldg., 52 Libertad St., Mandaluyong City;
RECRUITMENT ANALYST (CEBU) – You will be part of planning and implementing effective tactics in BPO mass hiring around BPO Data and Voice positions. Exercise your creativity and make an impact as you as you take part in developing strategies that will keep the company competent in the arena of recruitment and a consistent leader in the BPO industry. Learn from the best mentors and increase your professional value!
Willing to work in CEBU; Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor's/College Degree , Business Studies/Administration/Management, Human Resource Management, Marketing or equivalent; at least one (1) year experience in recruitment; Marketing background and experience is a huge advantage; Creative, thinks out of the box; Updated with the latest trends in the market; Internet savvy
To apply, WALK IN at our Accenture – CEBU RECRUITMENT CENTER and look for Alia
Upper Ground Floor, Pioneer Building, Cardinal Rosales Avenue corner Panglao Sts. Cebu Business Park, Cebu City; call our recruitment hotline 911-7777
CRANE OPERATOR (WOODGROUP/ SAUDI ARABIA) – Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor's/College Degree; At least 8 year(s) of working experience in the related field is required for this position; Good communication skills; Must be hardworking and responsible.
Finest Asia Resources, Inc. (Search / Recruitment Firm) 7th Flr. Vernida IV Bldg. 128 P. Leviste St. Salcedo Vill. Makati City 1500 Tel: 818-0031-32

ACCOUNT DEVELOPMENT OFFICER (NATIONAL CAPITAL REG - ANTIPOLO) – Specializes in hotel and canteen concessionaires; Not more than 29 years old; College graduate (belongs to the top 20%), HRM preferred; At least 1 year sales experience preferably in hotel or canteen concessionaire (Fresh Graduates are welcome to apply); Good communication & negotiation skills; Result oriented, highly motivated and capable to meet sales target & objective
Interested applicant may submit their comprehensive resume at No. 42 Aguinaldo St., Katarungan Village, Brgy. Mambugan (near Masinag) Lower Antipolo City or email us at ; Tel. no.: 681-3182
• SPANISH SPEAKING TEAM LEADERS (SPNML0021) – ¿Busque por buen entrenamiento, oportunidades carreras mejores y un compania donde puede ser en su mejor? Accenture es el mejor sitio por ti.
Be part of a major business expansion in our Accounting and Financial Services group. You may or may not have an accounting background, but as long as you have the ability to learn, we will develop the skills and competencies for you to succeed in this role. You will be trained to handle accounting transcations and will be part of the operating team for a major client in the energy industry.Your role will purely be for back office accounting transactions with the occasional need to interact with your clients.
• Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor's/College Degree , any field; Must be fluent in both oral and written Spanish and English; Has supervisory work experience; Experience from a BPO Industry is preferred; Must be willing to work graveyard and shifting schedules
Walk in to our Recruitment center- We are open Mondays to Fridays (except holidays); What time: 10am-11am; 1pm-7pm; Where: 14F Cybergate 3, Pioneer St., Mandaluyong City (near MRT Boni Station and Robinsons Forum Mall); Who to look for: Richard Santos; Send your CV to and indicate the reference code "BPO Spanish" in the subject line
SALES/RESERVATION OFFICER (NAGTAHAN, MANILA) – Female with pleasing personality; Knowledge in outbound/inbound travel itinerary; Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor's/College Degree, any field; Required skill(s): MS Office; English, Filipino conversant; At least 2 year(s) of working experience in the related field is required for this position; must be willing to work in Nagtahan, Manila; Preferably 1-4 Yrs Experienced Employees specializing in Hotel Management/Tourism Services or equivalent; Knowledge in Abacus/Amadeus is a must; Able to work efficiently with minimum supervision
TICKETPORT Domestic / International Ticketing - Company Address: G/F, SM Unit 36E Parkview Tower 2 Eastwood City Libis Quezon City --All qualified applicants may send their resume with photo to
BRANCH SUPERVISOR (NATIONAL CAPITAL REG - TAGUIG) – Responsible in managing and overseeing all operational concerns of a branch as a business unit; Plans, develops, organizes and implements any or all matters pertaining to branch operations such as but not limited to profit and loss, marketing promotions, office administration, safety, cleanliness, customer service excellence, people management and quality assurance based on the highest level of standards set by the company; Will be in-charge of branch sales and marketing
Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor's/College Degree , Business Studies/Administration/Management or equivalent; Required language(s): English, Filipino; At least 5 year(s) of working experience in the related field is required for this position; Applicants must be willing to work in Taguig; Preferably Supervisor / 5 Yrs & Up Experienced Employees specializing in Sales - Retail/General or equivalent
Interested applicants may submit their updated resume with 2x2 picture via email. Preference will be given to those who will apply on-line. You may also submit your resume to our corporate office at: THE SPA Building 80 E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave., Libis, Q. C. You may also call us at 6315790 for concerns and inquiries. Website:
Company Address: The SPA Bldg., 80 E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue, Bagumbayan Quezon City 1110, Tel: 6315790 Fax: 6342267
ADMIN ASSISTANT (NATIONAL CAPITAL REG) – Female, With pleasing personality; College graduate, Not more than 28 years old; Computer literate; good communication skills; Experience in Administrative function is an advantage
PROJECT COORDINATOR (National Capital Reg) – Male or Female, Between 25 - 35 years old; Preferably with Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering; With good scholastic records; Preferably with PRC License; Well versed in AutoCAD; With construction site experience for at least 3 years; Qualified candidates must have excellent communication skills; Can handle personnel of all levels
Qualified & interested candidates may apply personally with resume with picture and school credentials
CONTRACT DESIGN & SYSTEMS FURNITURE SPECIALIST, INC. - Mondays to Fridays, 9:00a.m. - 3:00p.m.
G/F CLMC Bldg., 209 EDSA Greenhills, Mandaluyong City, Philippines (Beside SAISAKI/KAMAYAN Restaurant)
Tel Nos. 724-7041 / 724-7047 ; Fax No. 724-7023
Urgently needed; REQUIREMENTS: Candidate is a graduate with Bachelor's, Master's or Doctorate Degree in English or Applied Linguistics; or professional qualification in TEFL, TESL, TESOL, CELTA, DELTA or any related certification from a recognized organization. Must have minimum three (3) years English teaching experience. Preferably with hands-on experience in multi-media teaching, self-access methods, assessment, course design and testing, but not required.
Monthly Salary: approx. USD1450 / Perks: Accomodation & Transportation provided; Annual Air Passage; National Holidays / Term: One Year Contract, Renewable / Deployment Location: Colleges of Technology, Sultanate of Oman
Send CVs/Biodatas/Résumés to Indicate on the email subject line the position applying for and specialization. Ex. “Lecturer - English”
Or bring two print-outs of your CV plus soft-copy (on floppy disk or usb flash drive) and visit
INTERNATIONAL STAFFING REGISTRY, INC. - Ground Floor, Catalina Bldg. 9 New York St. corner E. Rodriguez Sr. Ave. Cubao, Quezon City 1111, Metro Manila; Tel.: (02)723-8646, (02) 383-4060, Mobile: (0918)5310106, (0915)2028307,
ADMIN AND COORDINATOR ASSISTANT (NATIONAL CAPITAL REG - MAKATI CITY) – Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor's/College Degree , Human Resource Management, Business Studies/Administration/Management, Commerce or equivalent; Required language(s): English; must be willing to work in Makati City; Fresh graduates/Entry level applicants are encouraged to apply
ACCESS SAFEWORKS, INC. - Company Address: U-1114 Medical Plaza-Makati, Amorsolo cor. Dela Rosa Sts., Makati City - Tel: 8435624 or 4684598 Fax: 8435142
ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT / MARKETING ASSISTANT (SAN JUAN, MANILA) – Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor's/College Degree in any field; Required skill(s): Microsoft Word, Excel, Internet browsing, Photoshop, Publisher; Required language(s): English, Filipino; Preferred language(s): Chinese; At least 1 year(s) of working experience in the related field is required for this position; must be willing to work in San Juan or Manila; Applicants should be Filipino citizens or hold relevant residence status; Preferably 1-4 Yrs Experienced Employees specializing in Clerical/Administrative Support or equivalent; Should have the passion in the development of students.
ACADEMIC CONSULTING & TRAINING SERVICES - Company Address: Unit M-A, Membo Condominium Gen.Segundo St. Little Baguio San Juan - Fax: 7004289
SECRETARY TO THE CHAIRMAN (NATIONAL CAPITAL REG - MAKATI) – The position is primarily responsible for providing high level administrative support to the Chairman by preparing reports, handling information requests, and performing clerical functions such as preparing correspondence, receiving visitors, arranging conference calls, and scheduling meetings; Graduate of any four -year course; At least three (3) years work experience as a Secretary, Executive Assistant or Administrative Assistant; Preferably with experience in office management; With basic supervisory skills; Excellent communication skills
P.J. LHUILLIER GROUP OF COMPANIES (CINTRE MGMT. SERVICES) - Website:; Company Address: 821 Cebuana Lhuillier Bldg JP Rizal Makati 1200; Fax: 632 8950751
FRONT OFFICE RECEPTIONIST (QATAR) Prospective Principal/Project: Golf Club – Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor's/College Degree; At least 4 year(s) of working experience in the related field is required for this position; Must be hard working; Can work with minimum supervision; With good communication skills
Website:; Company Address: Unit 2414 Herrera Tower, #98 VA Rufino cor. Valero St., Salcedo Village, Makati City Tel: +(63 2) 812.3230 / +(63 2) 817.1677
EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT FOR VP OPERATIONS – Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor's/College Degree in any field; At least 2 year(s) of working experience in the related field is required for this position; Preferably 2-4 Yrs Experienced Employees specializing in Secretarial/Executive & Personal Assistant or equivalent. Job role in Secretary/Personal Assistant or Others; Computer literacy (especially in Microsoft Office-Word, PowerPoint, Excel); Able to work nights, but flexible with their shift; Highly organized and dependable; Must be very professional and have the ability to maintain confidentiality; Proficiency in both written and oral communication; Highly energetic, analytical, organized, responsible, result-oriented and independent; Applicants should be Filipino citizens or hold relevant residence status.
RESPONSIBILITIES – Provide high-level administrative support by conducting research, preparing statistical reports, handling information requests, and performing clerical functions such as preparing correspondence, receiving visitors, arranging conference calls, and scheduling meetings; Needs to be comfortable in executing a wide range of functions; Proficiency in creating PowerPoint presentations; Develop and maintain well organized filing system that permits easy reference and rapid retrieval of information; Perform addition functions as directed or assumed on personal initiative; Ability to make dinner reservations; act as an initial negotiator in some instances, and perform other duties as assigned.
NCO (RMH TELESERVICES ASIA PACIFIC, INC.) - Company Address: 4th. Floor Eugenio Lopez Jr. Communications Center Mother Ignacia St., Quezon City
STORE SUPERVISOR(PAMPANGA, BULACAN, QC, MAKATI, LAGUNA, CAVITE, BATANGAS) – Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor's/College Degree , Business Studies/Administration/Management, Marketing, Food & Beverage Services Management or equivalent; Required skill(s): customer service, sales, team leader and motivator, Marketing; Required language(s): English, Filipino; At least 4 year(s) of working experience in the related field is required for this position; must be willing to work in Pampanga,Bulacan,QC,makati,Laguna,cavite,Batangas; Preferably Supervisor / 5 Yrs & Up Experienced Employees specializing in Sales - Retail/General or equivalent.
Responsibilities – Modeling exceptional, fast and friendly customer service; Hiring, training and scheduling; Driving designated Supermarket processes in the absence of the team leader responsible to drive that process; Overall responsibility for operations, profitability, processes and conditions of the entire Supermarket line; Responsible for ad set compliance, including ad signs; Overall responsibility for price change compliance; Other daily tasks as required
WALTERMART SUPERMARKET, INC. / ABENSON INC. - Company Address: 7/F Waltermart North EDSA Munoz Brgy Veteran's Quezon City 1600 Fax: 3321119
KOREAN VIP HOST (NATIONAL CAPITAL REG) – Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor's/College Degree , any field; Required language(s): Korean; At least 1 year(s) of working experience in the related field is required for this position; Fresh Graduates are encouraged to apply; Preferably 1-4 Yrs Experienced Employees specializing in Hotel Management/Tourism Services or equivalent.
We are an International conglomerate, with a vision of making the Philippines one of the best tourist destinations in Asia. We are building the country's first 24x7 integrated entertainment city which includes a six-star boutique hotel with full butler service, and a world class entertainment and retail complex.
TRAVELLERS INTERNATIONAL - RESORTS WORLD MANILA - Please walk-in at 5/F Star Cruises Centre 100 Andrews Avenue Newport, Pasay City
HYDRAULIC MECHANICAL ENGINEERS FOR VALVES & FITTINGS - must be in the UAE; with 3-4 years experience, Responsible for Sales & Marketing of the company's products which are Industrial Valves including Gate, Check, Ball Valves, etc for several years and servicing the Oil & Gas / petrochemical industry with UAE driving license, required. Email:
SALES EXECUTIVE (OUTDOOR) FOR ENGINEERING PRODUCTS - must be in the UAE; with 2-3 years experience & a UAE driving license, required. Email:
DRIVER (SRILANKAN /BANGLADESHI) - must be in the UAE; with 2-3 years experience & a UAE driving license, required. Email:
For more information/details please look into our Website
TRAINER / SALES ASSOCIATES / DRIVER – must be in the UAE; send their CVs to
DIESEL MECHANICS FOR SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – We are looking for diesel mechanics, hands on position to work on heavy duty civil engineering plant. Experience in maintenance and overhaul of Caterpillar, Komatsu, Mitsubishi and other heavy equipment is a must. This position is for technicians and qualified engineers need not apply. We offer AUD$45000 per annum plus overtime, 38 hours working week; Age below 45, must pass IELTS at the British Council and have a cap of minimum 5.
Air fares to Australia, medical, police clearance and any other costs are covered by the principles. Spouse and children are not included in the offer and they have to pay their own airfares although visa sponsorship will be provided.
Please contact Tom de Sousa on email
SECRETARY– must be in the UAE; An Interior Fit Out Company based in Sharjah is looking to hire a secretary to the MD. The incumbent should have a minimum of 2 years of work experience in a similar role. Should have excellent communication skills. Good knowledge of MS Office. Candidates on husband's or father's sponsorship preferred. Interested candidates please mail your profile to Prasad Uchil :
RECEPTIONIST URGENT (UAE) – must be in the UAE; 25-28 yrs of age; w/ or w/o Gulf experience; on visit visa; w/ pleasing personality and fluency in English;
JOB WEBSITE FOR AL TAYER – click this link:
MARBLE POLISHER / CARPENTER / MASON / PAINTER – must be in the UAE; Submit your CV personally to Habtoor Grand Resort & Spa (HGRS), Dubai, UAE / HR Department in HGRS Jumeirah, Dubai Marina
HR COORDINATOR (UAE) – must be in the UAE; Package over-all is AED 7500; Send CV to
CUSTOMER SERVICE OFFICER (UAE) – must be in the UAE; Send CV to
ADMIN ASSISTANT / HR LEAD (UAE) – must be in the UAE; Job Location: Health Care; send CV to Khalid Habib – or Rachel Alidoosti –
COMPANY VACANCIES – must be in the UAE;
SENIOR SALES EXECUTIVE – must be in the UAE; send your CV; visit the website
~ Questions answered by Advocate Muhammad Jaber Nader, based in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

I have been working in the Kingdom with family status under a two-year contract. My first year ends this month. But out of the blue I received a termination notice, claiming they are re-structuring in a way that makes my position redundant. My record is impeccable. I have not received so much as a verbal rebuke from my employer. During my tenure so far I have had to relocate to another city. This required me to change residence, change schools for my children, etc. Now all of a sudden I am being terminated. What are my rights in this situation?
Your company is in breach of contract and the reason for termination is not a legitimate reason. Your contract can only be canceled if you have committed a grave mistake, as described in Article 80 of the Labor Law.
You are entitled to the following:
• Pay through the end of your two-year-contract;
• All rights outlined in your contract;
• Two years worth of paid vacation, paid in time off or in financial compensation; and
• Your End-of-Service Benefit (ESB).
You may complain to the Labor Office who will call the manager of your company to question him and advise him of what the law stipulates. Do not resign if the situation leads to a labor dispute; your employer is required to pay you during the litigation process.

I am planning to file a complaint in labor court against my company. Can you please explain the rules regarding overtime, such as working on Fridays (my weekly day-off), on Saudi National Day and during Eid holidays. And what is the rate of overtime pay?
To get overtime, you must first have specific instructions from your employer to work extra hours. If you do not have written instructions to do overtime, your work will be considered voluntary. If you can prove you were ordered to work on the days in question then you are entitled to claim overtime. The best proof is proof in writing, otherwise it’s simply your word against your employer’s.
Overtime is one-and-a-half times of your hourly rate. To get your hourly rate divide your monthly salary by 30.4 (the basis for calculating your daily rate per month) and again by eight (the number of hours in a daily work shift). Then you take that number and multiply that by 1.5. This sum is your hourly overtime rate.
Should you need to present a case to your local Labor Office, bring an interpreter if you do not speak Arabic fluently. The Labor Office will then approach your employer and demand a response to your complaint.

I have been working for a company for more than five years. I did not sign a contract with them. First one year I worked for them without being in their sponsorship. Now I am planning to resign. They informed me that my first year will not be included in service and they will not include it in the calculation of my end-of-service benefit (ESB). They are also asking me to pay for my ticket home. Please advise.
What your company says about your first year of service is not correct. You are entitled to the ESB from the very first day of your work irrespective of the sponsorship transfer. As to the payment of the air ticket: If you are resigning according to the provisions of contract then it is the responsibility of the company to pay for your return ticket. If your resignation is in breach of contract terms then the company has the right to ask for compensation, which often includes asking you to pay for your return home.

I went on vacation two months ago. I came back and learned that my position at my company was terminated while I was away.
Terminating your service during your vacation without give you a reason is illegal. You may still consider yourself on the job and if your company insists on your termination, you may complain to the Labor Office in your area. Unless, your company can justify on legal grounds what it has done, it will have to pay you for every day you were out of work since the date of termination.

I am a mechanical engineer who has been working as a sales manager. I went back to India on emergency leave for ten days in October. While in India I asked my company by e-mail to extend my leave by two weeks, but they refused and advised me not to return. Now six months have passed since and I received a job offer from another company in the Kingdom and I am waiting for my visa to be stamped. For my visa to be stamped, I contacted my previous employer asking for a No-Objection Certificate (NOC) on the basis that I did not resign from my job but rather they forcibly terminated me. They are not replying to any of my e-mails or phone calls.
Better forget about the situation with your previous employer; it will be very complicated to correct. Get another work visa. If the Saudi Embassy objects and requires an NOC, it is probably because you have not spent one year outside of the Kingdom since your departure. Wait until this period passes before returning to the Kingdom.

I have been living in Saudi Arabia for 20 years and I have been working with my present company for ten years. Now I want to return to my country on final exit. I tried to contact our general manager regarding the termination of my contract, but he has not replied to my telephone calls. So I sent my 30-day notice by fax and registered. I have not received salary for the previous two months and my employer wants me to sign a document saying they owe me nothing, that I give up all my dues. I have refused to sign this document. Now I have been informed that they are going to give me a salary reduction for those months, claiming I do not have a written document proving my current salary. I have six months worth of bank statements with my current salary.
You have done the right thing. Now you should phone your company and wait a week for their reaction. If your management acts unreasonably, go to the Labor Office with your complaint. Calculate your rights and draft a complaint to your nearest Labor Office. Ask also for a final-exit visa and airfare. They will call your manager and will try to settle matters between both of you. Do not sign anything with your employer until you work this out. If you do not know enough Arabic, take an interpreter with you to the Labor Office. After the Labor Office takes your statement, they will contact your employer. If the Labor Office does not succeed in reconciliation, it will refer the subject to the Labor Primary Committee (LPC). You may at this stage negotiate with your management a settlement. Try to get as much as you can from your company, even if you have to relinquish some of your entitlements. A court session will be fixed to the case. I do not advise you go to court, it is a lengthy process that will be followed by appeal after appeal.
~ Questions answered by Advocate Mohammad Ebrahim Al Shaiba of Al Bahar Advocates and Legal Consultants, UAE

A reader from Dubai asks: I have been working in a company for almost two years. I have transferred my sponsorship to work with that company. A month ago, I submitted my resignation. I want to know whether I can transfer the sponsorship once again as per the law, as the company has no objection to transfer the sponsorship. Please clarify this issue in accordance with the laws of the Ministry of Labour and whether the qualification is considered in this regard. I hold an MA degree.
I would like to clarify to the questioner that the Ministry of Labour allows the worker to transfer the sponsorship based on the following:
1. The worker who holds high school certificate is allowed to transfer the sponsorship once only.
2. The worker who holds university degree is allowed to transfer the sponsorship twice.
3. The worker who holds MA and PhD degree, transfer of sponsorship is indefinite

A reader from Dubai asks: I am on my husband’s sponsorship and am working for the past four months in a company. The contract states that I am in a six months probationary period, but I have a labour card and medical insurance card from the company. At this time, if I decide to leave due to personal reasons, do I have to give them a one months’ notice period? Will they be able to put a ban on me, if I join another company? Do I have to pay them anything if I need to give a very short notice period? Should I be paying them the cost of applying for a labour card for me? Is it possible to leave them immediately?
I would like to clarify to the questioner that if her contract is for unlimited period and she wants to quit work, she shall notify the company in writing that she desires to quit upon the expiry of the notice period which is one month as per the Labour Law or the period stated in the employment contract.
Therefore, the questioner may not leave work immediately so as not to be banned from work. Upon the expiry of the notice period, the questioner may transfer to a new company without the need of a no objection certificate from the sponsor as the questioner is sponsored by her husband. Also, as per the Labour Law, the questioner is not obliged to pay the cost of applying for a labour card or medical insurance card. If the questioner’s contract is for limited period, the questioner may not leave work prior of the expiration of the contract period, otherwise, the questioner shall be subject to one-year ban if the employer requested from the Ministry of Labour to impose such ban in addition to a compensation shall be provided to the employer if the latter proved that he was affected from the termination of the contract.

A reader from Dubai asks: I worked in a company for more than two years. I filed a complaint against the employer for not giving me annual leave for more than two years. When the employer came to the Ministry of Labour, he gave me a termination letter before the legal researcher and told me that this termination is to punish me for filing a complaint against him before the Ministry of Labour. Is the employer entitled to terminate me for this reason, or rather am I entitled to object to such matter before the concerned court and request from the latter to reinstate me in my service? Is this termination considered as arbitrary dismissal? Please advise and guide me in this regard.
I would like to clarify to the questioner that Federal Labour Law No. 8 of 1980, article No 122 states the following: “A worker’s service shall be deemed to have been arbitrarily terminated by his employer if the reason for the termination is non-relative to the work and, more particularly, if the reason is that the worker has submitted a serious complaint to the competent authorities or has instituted legal proceedings against the employer that has proved to be valid”.
As for the question on the possibility to be reinstated in service once again, the Labour Law does not oblige the employer to reinstate the worker again even if he was dismissed arbitrarily.

I have been working in an establishment for more than three years but it has recently changed hands. The sale contract states that the seller is not responsible for the workers’ rights to end-of-service benefits from the date of selling the establishment. I submitted my resignation because I felt I couldn’t work under the new management. I asked the new management to honour my labour rights but they told me that they are not responsible for such rights because I had not worked with them for more than two months. I find myself in a situation where I can’t approach either the new management or the old employer to pay my entitlements.
My question here is: I would like to know who has the legal responsibility to pay my rightful entitlements and what is the position of the Labour Law towards the sale contract, i.e; is the earlier employer not responsible for my labour rights? Please advise me. Thank you.
The Federal Labour Law No. 8 of 1980, Article No. 126, states the following: “Where a change occurs in the form or legal status of the establishment, contracts of employment that are valid at time of the change shall remain in force between the new employer and the workers of the establishment, and their service shall be deemed to be continuous. Both the original employer and the new employer shall be jointly liable for a period of six months for the discharge of any obligations resulting from contracts of employment during the period preceding the change; after the expiry of this period the new employer shall solely bear liability.” Therefore, the Labour Law does not entitle the original employer and the new one to agree on breaching the above Article and therefore, pursuant to the above Article, the questioner in this event may demand of the original employer to pay him his entitlements.
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